Oscar Sunday! A year of movies!

Today is Oscar Sunday, my favorite day of the year.   I have avidly watched every minute of every Academy Award ceremony since 1983, when I was rooting for E.T. to win best picture.  I didn’t know who Gandhi was at the time, but the movie about him seemed long and boring to my eleven-year-old self, and I was disappointed when Gandhi beat E.T. at the end of the night.  But there began my love of movies, and my love of the Oscars.  Yes, I know the Academy gets a lot wrong, but I’m willing to forgive that.  Why?  Because movies, that’s why.

I have often wondered how much time I spend in an average year watching movies.  So now I am going to keep track.   Beginning today, from Oscar Sunday 2016 until Oscar Sunday 2017, I will keep a running tally of every movie I watch, and the accumulated time.  This will include not only movies seen in theaters but movies viewed at home at well.  It has to be something that was intended for theatrical release, not for TV release.  I will also include partial movies, so if I happen to stop on TCM and watch 10 minutes of Double Indemnity, I will include that too.   And of course it will include current viewings of movies that I’ve already seen.

This blog will be a record of everything watched, from the moment this entry is posted.  My Alfred Hitchcock blog will continue, and anything watched for review on that site will be included here as well.

My Oscar picks for tonight are posted on my best friend’s awesome movie site here.




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